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Medclinic has on-site physiotherapists available. Please call us for an appointment. We have HICAPS available, so you are not left out-of-pocket for the full costs. Appointments are also available for patients with Enhanced Primary Care Plan referrals at some of our sites.

Psychology & Social Workers

All Medclinic sites have Psychologists and/or Social workers available for appointments. Using techniques such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and mindfulness techniques, they are able to assist you to achieve a better mindset and mood. Appointments will be available for patients with Mental Health Care Plan referrals at some of our sites.


On-site dietitians are available who specialise in assisting patients with conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol, and heart disease. Appointments will be available for patients with Enhanced Primary Care Plan referrals at some of our sites.

Exercise Physiologist

Our exercise Physiologists are here to help you learn to strengthen your body to ward against injury, to rehabilitate old ones and to maintain a general physical wellbeing. Appointments will be available for patients with Enhanced Primary Care Plan  referrals at some of our sites.

Pregnant or planning pregnancy? The doctors and nurses at Medclinic provide shared care services with the local hospital. We have a Foetal Doppler on-site so we can monitor your baby’s heartbeat at every visit.

We keep all vaccinations under the Australian Immunisation Schedule on-site, for the vaccination of Medicare eligible patients. Our on-site nurse will provide you advice, support and attend to the vaccinations of your children.

We provide long term planning and management for all of our patients with chronic diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, heart disease and other chronic disease processes. In some eligible care plan cases, Medicare sessions for dieticians, physiotherapy, psychology and podiatry may be available.

Want to go on a diving course? All diving courses require you to have a clearance medical to ensure you are fit enough to carry the equipment and that your lungs are strong enough to be able to withstand the pressures put onto them during deep diving. Our practice offers comprehensive diving medicals which include full spirometry testing (lung function testing) that satisfies the ASO 4005.1 requirements.

Ear syringing using the latest pressure monitored equipment available at all of our centres.

Our doctors and nurses provide comprehensive health assessment services that include a top to toe physical health assessment, family history questionnaire, blood tests and ongoing advice and support on the management of any issues identified during your health assessment.

Spirometry (lung function testing) is available at all of our centres, bulk billed for Medicare patients

Medclinic offers on-site pathology services Monday to Friday which is provided by Medlab Pathology, one of Australia’s leading pathology providers. You can visit their website at

What is Mole Mapping?

This is a comprehensive monitoring of atypical or dysplastic moles as a digital image on our secure database, where both external and microscopic changes are detectable.

  • One or more atypical moles, and/or
  • A family history of Melanoma
  • A previous melanoma removed

Please call our Kiama practice on (02) 4232 1122 or our Cronulla practice on (02) 9527 2000 to make an appointment for a mole mapping procedure

Bulk billed pap smears are available on-site and results provided within days. Female doctors are also available, on request.

At Medclinic, we provide discrete supportive services and friendly advice for the testing of sexually transmitted infections. All of our doctors and our practice nurses are trained in the treatment, diagnosis and support for patients with an STI or any questions regarding STI’s.

  • Implanon insertion and removals;
  • Skin lesions and mole removal procedures;
  • Biopsies;
  • Suturing and emergency skin repairs;
  • Laceration repairs using tissue glue (great for kids with small lacerations);
  • Abscess drainage;
  • Cyst removals;
  • Skin tag removals;
  • Liquid nitrogen (freezing) treatment to warts and other lesions;
  • Drainage of haematomas;
  • Removal of debris or foreign body from the eye; and
  • Many other types of procedures, please enquire with your treating doctor during your appointment.

All of our doctors are able to give you travel advice and we have a comprehensive selection of travel vaccines and medicines on-site to ensure you are protected on your travel adventures, making us your one stop travel shop!

  • Work-cover related injury management;
  • Return to work co-ordination;
  • Pre-employment medical assessments;
  • Periodical assessments;
  • Mining medical assessments;
  • Drug and alcohol screening;
  • Preventative health services for staff;
  • Occupational health and safety assessments;
  • Workplace vaccinations and more.

All of our centres have qualified Registered Nurses on site to attend to your wound dressings, whether it is simple or complex.

Travelling to South America or Africa? You will need a Yellow Fever vaccination and need to be issued a yellow fever vaccination certificate. Some of our sites are Yellow Fever Accredited. Please call 1300 MEDCLINIC to enquire about your closest location.